Sarah Moore

Clarksdale music proprietor and juke joint owner, Sarah Moore.

Sarah Moore was known as “Miss Sarah” to Clarksdale.  She was the beloved owner of Sarah’s Kitchen, a treasured down home juke joint, bar, and restaurant that was on Sunflower Ave. in historic downtown Clarksdale.  Her gracious spirit, smile, and attitude were a help and inspiration to all.

Sarah’s Kitchen was among the earliest and most important music venues to appear in the resurgence of the blues into contemporary Clarksdale.  The food was both authentic and amazing; Sarah’s place was considered by scores as their favorite juke in the Delta.  The blues on the jukebox there was a destination in itself.

Sam Carr often led the house band at Sarah’s. The Burnside and the Kimbrough family music icons were often there.  Among others that frequently played Sarah’s were Super Chikan, Robert “Bilbo” Walker, T-Model Ford, Lightnin’ Malcolm, The Deep Cuts w/Razorblade & Dr. Mike, Louisiana Red, Dave Riley, The Mississippi Marvel, Terry “Big T” Williams, Wesley “Junebug” Jefferson, David Lee Durham, Pat Thomas, KM Williams, Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band, “Mr. Johnnie” Billington, and Big Pete Pearson. The Delta Blues Education Fund also held regular blues classes for local kids at Sarah’s Kitchen for several years. Sarah’s hosted numerous CD Release Parties and other special events as well.  According to Cat Head Blues Store owner, Roger Stolle, “Sarah’s was always like a house party there… Comfy, friendly and warm.”

Sign location: 200 block of Sunflower Ave. (near orig location of Sarah’s Kitchen)
Sign production: digital art by Richard Bolen
Source image: photograph from Rev. Peyton and his family band