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CPU Board Appointment Results

Freddie Davis     84 James Hicks        340 Anna Jones         57 The appointment of James Hicks to the Utility Commission will be brought before the Board on Monday, November 23rd. Be sure to thank everyone for coming out to vote.

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Coronavirus Safety Tips!

“We are taking action now, ahead of any confirmed cases to make sure that we are ready for any potential scenario,”—Governor Tate Reeves Information from the CDC   Prevention steps for People with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 (including persons under investigation) who do not need to be hospitalized and People with confirmed COVID-19 who were […]

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More From MML

Clarksdale City Clerk, Cathy Clark, and Collins, Mississippi City Clerk, Suzette Davis, visit the State Capitol while in attendance at the Mississippi Municipal League Mid-Winter Conference January 14th through 16th.

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