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The Coahoma County Fire Department organized a training session on how to extinguish a propane tank fire in front of an audience of spectators at the old Walmart parking lot on State Street Wednesday night.
The City of Clarksdale, Quitman and Bolivar counties also participated.
“That training was to give people an update on propane tanks,” said Coahoma County Fire Chief Stanley Lynom. “There was a collaboration between the County and the City. Really, I set it up. I had help with the City.”
The public was able to watch and Lynom said it provided an opportunity to see what it takes to be a firefighter.
“What we did last night really was just a demonstration,” he said. “If it really happens, it’s more volatile than the little deal out there. It basically was for the firefighters, just to give them an idea of what to do.”
Lynom said everything went well.
“It was perfect. We had a good time,” he said. “The public had a good time.”
Lynom added that a couple of individuals watching the demonstration expressed interest in being a firefighter.
“A guy came in this morning (Thursday) and got an application,” he said.
Clarksdale Fire Chief Rocky Nabors has been on the job for 31 years and seen many times where a propane tank fire needs to be extinguished.
“It’s a strategy in trying to control that kind of situation,” he said.
“It hasn’t changed. There’s a certain water pattern that they have to approach it with.”
Nabors said it was good for Clarksdale and Coahoma County to be working together, adding more of that will happen in the future when construction of the city’s new training facility on Sasse Street is completed.
“It is always good to be able to train with those guys,” he said. “We’ll get more of that with our training facility.”
Lynom said similar type of training as combating a propane tank fire occurs in some communities every four years. He added firefighters go through state training 36 hours per year and encouraged community support.
“Support your local fire department,” he said. “Also, we do have some smoke alarms if anybody wants to get a smoke alarm.”
Lynom said anyone who wants a smoke alarm can call the central fire station at (662) 624-3034 and leave their address and phone number.