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Coahoma Community College Employees of the Monthm February 2018.

Coahoma Community College Employees of the Month, February 2018.

CLARKSDALE – Coahoma Community College is proud to announce its February 2018 faculty and staff Employees of the Month.

Honored as the faculty Employee of the Month is Brad Anthony Bernard originally from Milwaukee, WI.

Bernard has served as an art instructor in the Department of Fine Arts for three and a half years.

Prior to that, he served as an art professor at Mount Mary University, in Milwaukee and before that as an art teacher at Oxford High School and has lent his expertise and time to the Janice Wyatt Summer Arts Camp at Delta State University.

He received a master’s degree in fine art from Ole Miss and a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Both degrees specialize in painting.

Bernard believes dedication to student success gives him purpose in his everyday life.

“I am strongly motivated by my faith and using my talents as an artist to enlighten, inform and educate,” said Bernard. “I enjoy seeing students evolve as their ability and understanding of art making and self-expression develops and improves.”

Brad is grateful to have the opportunity to work in his field of study as an artist and art educator. He is compelled to inspire students to be critical, innovative and imaginative thinkers; challenging and rewarding them in an area with so much rich history and cultural heritage.

“I love the experience of working at a historically black college that is dedicated to preparing students for success against whatever odds may be present in their lives, ” said Bernard. “Although this is a two-year community college, the culture of the campus is conducted much like a four-year college experience for the students. I believe this in many ways prepares and acclimates them for the larger university environment.”

Bernard still practices his artistic craft in his free time. His painting “Afrissippi” was accepted to the Museum of Science and Industry’s (MSI) 2018 Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition.

Honored as CCC’s staff Employee of the Month is Cynthia Williams-Roberson of Marks, MS.

Roberson has served as the assistant director of Institutional Effectiveness for three and a half years, adjunct English instructor for 14 years, and former director of Educational Outreach; totaling 14 years of service at Coahoma Community College.

Cynthia truly has student success at her heart and believes supporting them is an honor and privilege.

“I am motivated when a student feels he/she has made a good decision by choosing CCC to further their education. However, I am also motivated when a student seems to be having a difficult time; pushing me to help that student resolve what they consider as an issue,” said Roberson. “If I can point students in the right direction, put them on the right path, or just give them the name of the person they need to see about a concern, I am motivated! Student success is my motivator.”

She is happily married to Michael Roberson, and they are members of the Valley Queen M.B. Church of Marks. Roberson is a graduate of Coahoma Community College and Delta State University where she received a B.S. and M.S. in English education and a specialist degree in educational leadership.

Cynthia finds joy in the work that she does at CCC and sees every day as a fulfilling challenge; motivating her to change the lives of the individuals she encounters.

“What I enjoy most about my job is that I am afforded the opportunity to see the institution as a whole and how each part of the institution works independently and collectively to provide the best services for our students. Each spring I am afforded the opportunity to conduct program reviews, one of our continuous institutional assessments,” said Roberson. “During this time, I get to sit face-to-face with division, department, and program leaders to learn updates about their programs. I get an opportunity to hear about the successes and the plans for improvements to provide better services for our students so that students will be successful.”

The purpose of CCC’s Employee of the Month program is to recognize and reward faculty and staff who exhibit work and behaviors that support and further the mission, goals, values, and initiatives of Coahoma Community College.

Each Employee of the Month winner receives a picture, a designated parking spot, a shirt from CCC’s Bookstore, a hairstyle or cut courtesy of CCC’s Cosmetology/Barbering Department, marquee announcement, and website recognition.

CLICK HERE to learn more about CCC’s Employee of the Month program or to submit a nomination for next month’s nominees.