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Clarksdale Director of Personnel, Safety and Marketing Tarra Slack encouraged residents throughout the city to participate in National Cleanup Week during the Board of Mayor and Commissioners meeting Monday.
National Cleanup Week is March 26 to April 1.
“The city is also gearing up for National Cleanup Week, which began yesterday (Sunday),” Slack said. “So we’re two days into National Cleanup Week and we are asking that citizens of Clarksdale take it upon themselves to get out and clean your own property and, also, the areas surrounding your properties.”
Prior to National Cleanup Week, Assistant Director of Public Works Craig Amerson said Spruce, East Tallahatchie, Sixth and Seventh streets and Maple and Oakhurst avenue are all areas the city will be targeting.
“We do have several groups that have already partnered with the city to help clean up several areas,” said Slack on Monday. “We have assigned specific areas to those people, but we also are looking for citizens or additional groups because there are areas that are hard hit with trash. We would love to have your support during this week. There’s still plenty of time for you to get involved.”
Slack provided details for commissioners.
“Do we have any bags or gloves for anyone that wants to participate?” said Ward 3 Commissioner Willie Turner.
“There are bags available at the mayor’s. In terms of anything else and other supplies, we are waiting on additional supplies,” Slack replied.
Ward 2 Commissioner Ken Murphey asked about the next step.
“Once this trash is cleaned up, will there be a central location for Public Works?” he said.
“They can pick it up along the streets,” Slack replied. “They can just leave the bags along the streets.”
Those looking for information about National Cleanup Week may contact the City of Clarksdale Mayor’s Office at (662) 621-8164.