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Google Analytics logo as found on City of Clarksdale website.

Well, a new website means new data, and the best website data anywhere comes from Google Analytics.  We set up that account a few days ago… it’s amazing, we can see visitors hit the site, watch where they go, see where they are and more.

All this means setting up custom reports (figuring out how to do that), learning how to understand the reports, and ultimately learn how to interpret the data, and then how to use the data to increase interest in Clarksdale here in town, regionally and nationally, and globally.  It won’t take us very long to better understand this.

Here’s a few of our preliminary numbers, taken only from mid-afternoon on Saturday, January 6 up to last night (Wednesday, January 10) at 9 pm.  Some of these results of our website activity are nicely surprising.

location icon City of Clarkdale website.location icon on City of Clarksdale website.Location (where visitors are when they get on your site).

— over a 4-day span, visitors came to your site from 38 of our 50 United States.
— over the same time frame, visitors came from 18 different countries.

visitor icon on City of Clarksdale website.Visitors (a few things about our visitor population)

— over the same time frame, 1,212 unique visitors came to the City of Clarksdale website.
— most came to visit Dr. Peggy Wells bio from her Arts & Cultural District sign.
— many also came to L.C. Tyler’s, Josephine Rhymes’, Libby Rae Watson’s and Bennie Gooden’s page as well.
— many also came to the holding page where all our our artists, civic leaders and honored athletes are found.

page view icon on City of Clarksdale website.Views (data about views and number of pages seen)

— as of 9 pm on Jan 10, there have been 9,077 views on the City of Clarksdale website (one person can have lots of views).
— over the last 4 days, 2,106 pages were viewed by your visitors in total (there are 250 plus pages on your site).