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Today in Music: January 30th (Can we say “Willie Dixon”?)

Music history and highlights that have happened on January 29th… from the birthplace of the blues… and rock n’ roll. 1781:  Mozart’s opera “Idomeneo” opens in Munich. 1917:  Actor, singer and Bonnie Raitt’s father, John Raitt born in Santa Ana, California. 1936:  Motown, Funk Brothers bassist and major musician James Jamerson born in Charleston, South […]

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Jaye Espy.

Espy Sister Continues Family Political Tradition

Jaye Espy, sister of Mayor Chuck Espy, makes her first run for political office.  An education consultant in Potomac, Maryland, she is running as a District 15 delegate for the Maryland General Assembly. This continues the Espy family’s tradition as a leading political family.  Her uncle, Mike Espy, served in Congress and was the Secretary […]

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