Clarksdale HIgh School

Clarksdale High School student artwork for sale. The public is invited to support our young artists in this important student art department fundraiser.

Clarksdale High School Art: It’s Amazing!

Each month Clarksdale High School student artists’ artwork is being displayed in  the commons, and all prices or their art is for sale. This is a fundraiser to support our Fine Arts Department.  The public is invited to come look and to support our High School’s wonderful student artists. If you are interested in purchasing […]

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Three Much Loved Football Stars

The City of Clarksdale’s NEW Athlete Hall of Fame, created by Richard Bolen, will feature athletes, arts and culture people and civic leaders who made, and are continuing to make significant contributions to their field.  Honoring people either from Clarksdale, or who came to Clarksdale, these are signs are 28″ x 32″ and are being […]

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