Two Trains Running

Clarksdale Press Register.

Clarksdale Film Festival Review: “Two Trains Running”

From the Clarksdale Press Register By JOSH TROY (with some editing) Dick Waterman had a love for music at a very young age and put himself in danger in his effort to find Clarksdale’s long-lost bluesman, Son House, in the summer of 1964. In June 1964, Waterman, who was living in Cambridge, Mass., along with […]

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The 8th Annual Clarksdale Film Festival.

8th Annual Clarksdale Film Festival

Screenings at: The New Roxy 363 Issaquena Ave. Grandma’s Sports Bar 115 3rd Steet Featured Films: Two Trains Running Shake Sister Shake Chasing Trane (the John Coltrane Documentary) Mr. Handy’s Blues Fannie Lou Hammer: STAND UP Talking Black in America  

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