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Barefoot Workshops: telling stories that make a difference.

Barefoot Workshops: telling stories that make a difference.

“Clarksdale Stories” has just been added to the City website.  Found in the sub-nav bar under the “Visit Us in Clarksdale” button, this new feature comes via Barefoot Workshops wonderful work and contributions to Clarksdale.

Produced by Barefoot founder Chandler Griffin and Program Director Alison Fast, each Clarksdale story was done by students participating in their professional documentary photography program.  (You too can become photo story pro: learn more about the workshop program here.)

Multiple Clarksdale Attraction Purposes:

Nearly 50 individual photo stories are included, and each is about someone or something in Clarksdale, and all are exceptional.  Like it has always been historically, remarkable people are found in Clarksdale, and they represent embody a wide range of unique talents and services within their community.  The actual photographs used in each story can be seen, and they wonderfully represent Clarksdale’s appreciation both diversity and progress.

All these photo stories can also be found on Barefoot Workshops website, and we encourage all to visit there.  Many people who find interest in Clarksdale, however, may not know to look for these stories on another website, which is a key reason to have the Barefoot stories found here as well.  The more people who can find out about us online, the greater we are to attract visitors, and people who may wish to become new Clarksdale citizens as well.

More About the Photo Stories:

There are some 44 stories here already, and more will be added (Barefoot Workshops continues to find new compelling stories annually).  Some of the photo stores have a few dozen images, others have more than 50 images (check them out… and the story is told!).

Story subjects range from artists, musicians, community leaders, cooks, politicians, craftspeople, priests and places.  Each image comes from professional instruction by one of Barefoot Workshops team players, some of whom have both national and international award-winning recognition.

Images from a few of these stories follows: